Blood Donation Advantages

Advantages Of Blood Donation

  • ➢ It lowers the risk of stroke
  • ➢ It reduces the chances of Heart attack
  • ➢ It enhances the production of Red Blood Cells
  • ➢ Reduces the risk of Cancer
  • ➢ It reduces Cholesterol
  • ➢ It improves circulation
  • ➢ It prevents Iron accumulation

Don’t give excuses please donate blood

  • “I’m too old” If you are aged between 18 to 65 years and in good health, you can donate
  • “I’m afraid of getting AIDS” All equipments are sterile – used once and discarded
  • “Oh! But I’m anaemic” We test for anaemia before every donation
  • “But I have recently been ill” Wait until you are well again. If in doubt contact our medical staff
  • “But I’m too small” Not if you weigh 45 Kg or more
  • “I hate needles” It is a relatively pain-free process and we will do our best to put you at ease
  • “But I’m on medication” Many people on medication can still be accepted as blood donors. If in doubt contact us
  • “I’m too busy and it’s too inconvenient It only takes around an hour in every 3 months
  • “But it will make me weak” After a short rest and snacks you are able to resume normal activities
  • “ Nobody has ever asked me” Consider yourself invited