Camp Registration

Camp Organizing Instructions

Outdoor voluntary blood donation camp (conducted at Educational Institutions, Industrial, Social and Corporate Sectors etc.)
  • Date, time and venue for conducting camp are fixed with the organisers well in advance.
  • The numbers of expected donations are discussed with the organisers.
  • Camp Managers of the Blood Bank visit the site to inspect its suitability for holding the camp.
  • IEC materials on the subject are provided to the organisers to be displayed in their working premises.
  • The venue should be hygienic with adequate facilities like space, furniture, coolers etc and shall be well lighted and well ventilated.
  • The camp should be started on time to facilitate timely processing of blood bags into its components.
  • Over-crowding of the area should be prohibited.
  • Comfortable and adequate seating arrangements shall be available for donors.
  • Bleeding area should have adequate lighting and proper ventilation.
  • Provision for drinking water, tea/coffee shall be available for donors and Blood Bank staff.
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