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Too often in life, we look around for someone else to instigate the changes we want to see. History has evidences that the most extraordinary things were done by the most ordinary people. While the country has 133.92 crores of population, it also has lakhs of people dying due to lack of timely availability of blood. While it has a galloping GDP growth and 53 billionaires in the country, it also has people who cannot afford to avail blood bags for saving their loved ones. Every 2 seconds, somebody needs blood while only 8 Indians out of 1000 are voluntary donors. While 1.30 crores of blood is required each year, only 90 lakhs is collected. There are about 1 lakh+ Thalesemia patients in India. The State of Maharashtra alone has 6071 Thalesemia patients as per 2017 data. It is estimated that there are 10,000 Thalesemic births taking place in the country every year. If you have ever wished to be able to do something for the greater good, this is the time ! You don’t have to make radical changes for efforts to be counted. We believe, large initiatives start with a single step, however small it may be. Contribute now, contribute today! Your contribution could be in any form, be it financial, or social or you may volunteer yourself for the cause by spreading awareness about the importance of Blood Donation or your participation in organizing Blood Donation camps, providing funds for Purchase of Equipment etc.

Dr. Hedgewar Blood Bank is a Non-governmental organisation with the ultimate motto of providing No- profit making empathetic services for the suffering people. For this we appeal people from all walks of life and arena to come forward with their wilful contributions to help us in this noble cause. Having partnered with many Giant Corporates, we have been able to touch the lives of thousands so far.

We appeal the society at large to come forward and compensate the charity performed by the Blood Bank.

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Mr. Ashok Patki (Secretary)

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Phone No. 9372300668

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Should you wish to contribute, we are pleased to share our bank details.

RSS Lok Kalyan Samiti

Dharampeth, Nagpur

 Bank Name:   State Bank of India
  Account Number :   36903061905
 Branch Name:   Dharampeth, Nagpur
 IFSC :   SBIN0004872

Dr. Hedgewar Raktapedhi

Dharampeth, Nagpur

 Bank Name:   Nagpur Nagrik Sahakari Bank
  Account Number :   003011100000827
 Branch Name:   Dharampeth, Nagpur
 IFSC :   NGSB0000003