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We believe each individual has a definitive role to play in all the activities of the System. To synergise this thought we always attempt to provide space and platform to the team members in order to display their views, encourage participation in various activities thereby boosting their confidence and upholding moral values towards the organisation. Our team comprises of Administrative staff, dedicated team of trained Counselors, hardworking Technicians who effortlessly work round the clock, compassionate Nurses, selflessly working Camp Managers and other Support staff without whom we feel incomplete as a Blood Bank Family.



Raktdoot play a vital role in the lives of patients and carry their blood samples to Blood Bank for compatibility testing. The issued blood bags which are found to be compatible with the patient’s sample are then carried by the Rakdoot to different Hospitals. They carry insulated boxes in which ice packs are kept to maintain temperature of the blood bags before delivering it at the Hospital, thus ensuring its safety before transfusing it to the patient. This empathetic service provided by the Blood Bank helps in easing the discomfort of the already stressed relatives of the admitted patients.